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      Montreal-based artist, Susan Willcocks, works largely through mixed-medium installations. Sensory experience is an important aspect of her work, which often includes the play of light and shadow, sound and sometimes smell. Though her themes are varied, they frequently circle the realm of youth and childhood, or more so, stolen childhood. Recently, she has found inspiration within the zero-waste movement. As she explores new materials and techniques, discarded every-day items find their way into her practice; each new creation giving life to cast-off objects. 

      Having shown work both in her hometown in rural Quebec and in Montreal, she partook in Acrylic Melody, an exhibition held in Brussels, Belgium which helped raise scholarship funds for students in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  

      Throughout her DEC in Visual Arts at Dawson College, she received both the first and second year Visual Arts Student Achievement Awards.

       Susan is currently working towards her BFA at Concordia University.

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