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Not Enough? (2020), 52-days worth of trash created by the artist, glass, digital photography, variable dimensions.

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Reforestation (2018), paper, water, rope, jute, curtain, thread, variable dimensions.


Going zero-waste as an artist can be difficult. From September to December, I collected every piece of paper that I would have otherwise tossed in the recycling bin. Reforestation's 127 leaves were made using everything from that collection - from envelopes to receipts, old school papers to notes left by family and much, much more. The work is waste-free: everything can either be re-used, composted, or recycled.

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Twisted (2017), stuffed animals and dog leashes, variable dimensions.

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Dinner for Two (2016), mixed media, variable dimensions.

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White Matter (2016), multi-media installation, variable dimensions.

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